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A Few Words About Us

The Destination For Kosher Culinary Education



Kosher Culinary Center also offers fun and informative recreational classes for all experience levels and all ages. These classes will be offered during the day, in the evenings, moztei Shabbos, and on Sundays.

The Kosher Culinary Center offers the highest quality of education. Our curriculum is based on the same classic European techniques taught in the finest non-kosher schools around the world. Chefs who are experts in their field have prepared the curriculum. All of our instructors are professional chefs with years of experience teaching culinary arts at schools such as The Art Institute of New York, The French Culinary Institute, The Institute of Culinary Education, Le Cordon Bleu Miami and The NYC College of Technology at The City University of New York.

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We are currently working in cooperation with Ben-Gurion University in Israel to bring an externship to fruition. Our programs will be enhanced by field trips and industry trade shows. We look forward to get cooking with you.

Here at Kosher Culinary Center we are committed to upholding the highest level of kashrut and culinary expertise possible. Our motto is: Educate – Innovate – Create.
Our goal is to professionally train our students to an accepted level in the food service industry, so that our graduates are able to procure active and gainful employment opportunities. The Kosher Culinary Center is the epicenter of innovation and creativity in the world of modern cuisine.

Meet Our Team

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Chef Avram Wiseman

Chef Avram Wiseman is a highly experienced professional chef and culinary educator. Early in his career, he held an astonishingly diverse number of positions in a wide array of settings – Banquet Chef at the Tan a Tar Marriot, Chef Garde Manger at the Garden City Hotel, Executive Sous Chef of the kitchen at the
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Chef David Ritter

Chef Ritter began cooking at 8 years old, making pasta and hamburgers for his father and brothers on Monday nights, while his mother sang professionally.  Food was in his blood!  And he finally followed his dream in 1990, when he gave up his career as a stock and bond broker for Shearson Lehman Brothers at
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Perline Dayan

Perline Dayan, Director of The Kosher Culinary Center graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Finance. She has worked as an accountant for the prestigious trading firm Ladenburg Thalmann and Co. for 6 years. Her next foray into the business world was to create her own bookkeeping and office management
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Chef Jessie Riley

Chef Jessie Riley developed her early passion for food from her Italian grandparents who hailed from Castellammare di Stabia. At age 7, she filleted her first fish and quickly moved on to develop an interest in butchery. She graduated from New York University with a Masters Degree in Fine Art, where she taught graduate level
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Our Advantages

Why Kosher Culinary Center is the Place For You…

Kosher Culinary Center offers the same quality of education as other schools but at a fraction of the price.

Comparatively speaking, our programs are actually less costly than nearly all other culinary schools. If you divide the cost of tuition by the number of training hours offered, you will see that other schools range from $40 – $65 per training hour. Ours is roughly $35 per training hour for the culinary program and about $25 per training hour for the pastry arts program. When you take into account the fact that kosher meat, poultry, fish and other food is on average more expensive than non kosher food, you will see that our programs are actually very fairly priced for what we offer.

Kosher Culinary Center is committed to upholding the highest level of commitment and understanding of kashrut standards.

All vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, etc. are thoroughly washed and checked by a Shomer Shabbos member of our staff. Bread is Pas Yisroel. Cooking is bishul Yisroel. Wine is mevushal. All meat is Glatt Kosher. Packaged goods must all carry a reliable hechsher such as Ou, OK, Star K, and Kof K. We are the only culinary school in the US where an observant person can receive a classic education in culinary and pastry arts & baking without endangering their commitment to their beliefs. No other culinary school will be able to address the challenges involved in cooking for Shabbos, baking pareve desserts, or adapting classic sauces. We also offer unparalleled access to a network of employers in kosher food service.

Kosher Culinary Center has something to offer men, women, and children of
all ages.

Our programs are devised to educate those who are considering culinary arts as a first or second career; working chefs or other culinary professionals looking to sharpen their existing skills; and passionate home cooks seeking education in professional level skills and techniques in a professional environment. The instructors who teach our programs are all professional chefs with years of teaching and work experience. Our recreational classes invite men, women, teens, and younger children to partake in an entertaining and educational experience. Classes such as hamburger wars, date night: cooking for couples, baking with mom, grilling with dad, and “Chopped” for example, are sure to please men, women, and children younger or older.

Kosher Culinary Center is in the process of obtaining licensing with the NY State Department of Education.

Currently, we are a candidate trade school on our way to licensure with the State of NY. Upon successful completion of our professional programs, students will receive a certificate of completion. Other certification that may be obtained is NYC Food Handler Certification: Issued by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. This certificate is essential for anyone looking to work in New York City. We are also an affiliate of Ben –Gurion University and can offer a five-month program for those interested, in advanced Middle Eastern Culinary Studies, and a working externship in a luxury hotel in Eilat.

Our Values

Quality of Education combined with professionalism in an uncompromised kosher environment

Our goal, aim, and mission are to professionally train our students to an accepted level in the culinary industry, thereby enabling our students to procure active, gainful, rewarding employment opportunities. Furthermore, we intend to offer an externship work program for all students that successfully complete the professional program. Our long-term goal is to establish successful kosher training programs that serve the needs of the Jewish community all around the world. To that effect we have created a haven for passionate and enthusiastic cooks to come and learn and unleash their full potential in the culinary world.