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Career Guidance From Experienced Professionals

Tap into unparalleled access to a network of employers in the kosher food service industry. Let our professional chefs advise and guide you after course completion.

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Train For A Career In Culinary Arts

Gain proficiency in skills that will help you every day in the fast paced, ever growing, kosher food industry.

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Sharpen Your Skills and Broaden Your Palette

Become a master of knife skills, focus on specific cooking and baking techniques, sharpen your existing skills, or challenge yourself to a competition. Tantalize your taste buds with exciting, diverse, and ethnic flavors.

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Come Visit Our Brand New Expansive Facility

With state of the art equipment, we have created an oasis of gastronomy designed to satisfy every Epicurean desire. Let us host your next special event!

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A must for anyone considering a career in the food service industry or for personal enrichment.
Topically specific classes designed to incorporate education in an entertaining social experience.
From hands on cooking to elegantly served meals, we have the perfect state of the art, glatt kosher facility.

Welcome to the Kosher Culinary Center!

The epicenter of innovation and creativity in the world of modern cuisine

Here at the Kosher Culinary Center we aim to teach, inspire, and develop a love for cooking. We encourage you to come express your passion and enthusiasm for the culinary arts and walk away with a broadened palate, sense of pride, and a new career path

Kosher Culinary Center


Learn how to present food in a way that will be awe inspiring

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Kosher Culinary Center


Learn new skills and techniques or sharpen your existing ones

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Kosher Culinary Center


Eat, Drink, and learn with confidence in our kosher supervised facility

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Kosher Culinary Center


View our upcoming career training and recreational class offerings

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